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The almost limitless flow of information makes it increasingly difficult to distinguish between genuine and perceived risk. In many instances the true nature of risk is misunderstood, leading to potentially significant impacts upon commercial operations.  

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The maritime industry faces significant and dynamic threats in many parts of the world. Your planning processes require you to juggle and prioritise information from multiple sources quickly, understanding and processing regional, contextual and emergent events. Missing information or making the wrong assumption about a routing could have serious commercial consequences.

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Port Risk 

Marine port operations security risk assessment.

Our Port Risk Assessments address the security profile for operations within the port or terminal and the immediate approaches.  The product provides you with the context, current threats to maritime security and recommendations to operate in as safe and commercially viable manner as possible. Human analytical power goes into every one of our assessments looking into the specific threat profile to your people and assets. 


Automated online risk systems will claim to use machine learning to provide a forward looking voyage risk assessment. However these systems only provide a quantitative risk rating based on historical event trends and fall significantly short of BMP5 and ISGOTT6 compliance. Solely relying on computer generated risk analysis may leave a company legally exposed, if due diligence and accountability during the planning phase haven’t been fully considered. 


When operating throughout regions, with often complex security dynamics, Dryad Global strongly recommend the use of a bespoke Transit Risk Assessment. The Safety of Life at Sea for all crew members and the protection of assets takes absolute priority. It is for that reason Dryad Global offers clients an industry leading Risk Assessment service operated by real people contactable 24/7. 

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Your Port Risk Assessment 

Each assessment is created based on the unique parameters of the vessel, cargo and port dynamics. It is cross referenced against the latest global intelligence reporting, historical and contextual data, weather patterns and routing nuances to provide an industry leading transit risk assessment.  


If your decision point is imminent due to a chartering decision, we will work with you to meet your deadlines as needed.


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What's Included in the Port Risk Assessment?

Your Port risk assessment provides a comprehensive overview of the risk to vessel, crew and cargo within the Port focusing primarily on the shore site risk to commercial operations including beyond port movement. The user friendly overall risk rating is backed by detailed fundamentals and recommendations which include:

  • Grasp the context easily. Graphical and thematic overviews of the maritime security risks present in the key transit areas. 


  • Specific reports based on the metrics that matter. Risk profile takes into account the main vessel parameters, cargo, and local on shore security dynamics


  • What your Master needs to know. Clear and concise overview of criminal methodology including targeting and activity for the planned transit route. 
  • Breakout of threats by category including 
  • ISPS Compliance / Level 
  • Threat ofrom Terrorism 
  • Threat of Kidnapping:  
  • Threat of Vessel Boarding:  
  • Threat of Cargo and Robbery: 
  • Threat of Military Activity:  
  • Threat of Migration and Trafficking:   
  • Threat from Fraud and Corruption
  • Threat of Industrial Action:  I
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How does it work?

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You submit your request via our online form - Reduce the amount of time you have to spend and leave it to us. Online forms ensure we have all the details we need and don't have to bother you with to-and-fro emails Your inbox is busy enough. Pay online or set up billing/invoicing details when you submit your request

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We allocate the request to the specialist for your area and they will get to work. We have a global team so it might done while you are sleeping. 

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You will receive notification of your completed TRA within 24 hrs. This is deliverable straight to your inbox or downloadable via our secure portal. 

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Our ATLAS INFORM clients have instant access

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A people business focussed on you

Real people, real experience, no automation (actually, there is a lot of automation, you'd expect that of a business like ours, but we don't make you feel like you are stuck in a process). 

Our bespoke analysis is put together by a highly experienced team of analysts; each of whom have extensive industry-specific intelligence experience and unparalleled contextual knowledge. 


The Dryad Global Proprietary Intelligence Cycle was forged by combining the best practices in the intelligence and commercial sectors; brought to you by a team that cut their teeth in the real world.


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